Laptop Adapter Tester

With the development of technology, laptop are more and more popular in our daily life now.  At the same time, a lot of brands of laptop computers occured. There are also a lot of models in a brand of laptop computer, they are slim model, super less power model, big screen model and the model which are with strong function. Because of the different powers, there must be different power adapters correspondingly. In order to let laptop computer distinguish power adapters which with different output powers and to avoid damaging notebook by using other brands notebook power adapters, manufacturer usually put recognization chips into notebook power adapters. When the power adapter DC connectors plug into notebook, first notebook can recognize the power adapter. If it doesn't recognize the DC connector, it will not open the inner supply power circuit. This admeasuring apparatus can truly imitate the process how a computer recognize a power adapter. This achieve a situation that an admeasuring apparatus can measure all poower adapters of all brands of notebook computers. Thus can save manufacturer's  producing      cost and outlets' sales cost largely.

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