Helpers Lab Laptop Car Charger for HP Compaq Presario CQ20 CQ21 CQ23 CQ31 CQ32 CQ35 CQ36 CQ41 CQ42 CQ43 CQ50 CQ50T CQ50Z CQ56 CQ57 CQ58 CQ60 CQ62 CQ70 CQ71 Power Supply 18.5V 3.5A 65W

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This HELPERS LAB car charger can guarantee that you will never run out of power while driving. You can access important documents anytime, anywhere during the trip. The USB port is suitable for many electronic devices, such as tablet PC, smart phone, MP3 and MP4, etc.


19V 4.74A 90W
(also compatible with 18.5V 3.5A 65W )

INPUT of Cigarette lighter socket

12V-24V Suitable for Cars Trucks RV SUV BUS This power inverter for laptop can be also used in boat. Open you new 12 volt power world.

Connector size

ø7.4*5.0mm (as shown in the Picture)

USB QC3.0 Fast Charging

USB Port with Quick Charge 3.0 is faster than common chargers. Give you a high speed.suitable for many electronic devices. Charge Smartphone, Galaxy ,Tablet, Power bank, Humidifier, Driving recorder while charging your laptop.

Not All Compatible Model are Listed 【Ctrl + F fast search】

HP Compaq Presario

CQ20 CQ21 CQ23 CQ31 CQ32 CQ35 CQ36 CQ41 CQ42 CQ43 CQ50 CQ50T CQ50Z CQ56 CQ57 CQ58 CQ60 CQ62 CQ70 CQ71

HP Compaq

311C 315 320 321 325 326 345 355 356 360 400 410 420 421 430 435 436 440 462 463 464 468 620 621

HP Compaq Presario

B1010 B1011 B1013 B1014 B1015 B1015A B1200 CTO B1201TU B1201VU B1202TU B1202VU B1203TU B1203VU B1204TU B1204VU B1205TU B1205VU B1206TU B1206VU B1207TU B1207VU B1208TU B1208VU B1209TU B1209VU B1210TU B1210VU B1211TU B1211VU B1212VU B1213TU B1213VU B1214TU B1214VU B1215TU B1216TU B1217TU B1218TU B1219TU B1220TU B1221TU B1222TU B1223TU B1224TU B1225TU B1226TU B1227TU B1228TU B1229TU B1230TU B1231TU B1232TU B1233TU B1234TU B1235TU B1236TU B1237TU B1238TU B1239TU B1240TU B1241TU B1242TU B1243TU B1244TU B1245TU B1246TU B1247TU B1248TU B1249TU B1250TU B1251TU B1252TU B1253TU B1254TU B1255TU B1256TU B1257TU B1258TU B1259T B1260TU B1261TU B1262TU B1263TU B1264TU B1265TU B1266TU B1267TU B1268TU B1269TU B1270TU B1271TU B1272TU B1273TU B1274TU B1275TU B1276TU B1277TU B1278TU B1279TU B1280TU B1281TU B1282TU B1283TU B1284TU B1285TU B1286TU B1287TU B1288TU B1289TU B1290TU B1291TU B1292TU B1293TU B1294T B1295TU B1296TU B1297TU B1298TU B1299TU B1800 CTO B1801TU B1802TU B1803TU B1804TU B1805TU B1806TU B1807TU B1808TU B1809TU B1810TU B1811TU B1812TU B1813TU B1814TU B1815TU B1816TU B1817TU B1818TU B1819TU B1820TU B1821TU B1822TU B1823TU B1824TU B1825TU B1826TU B1827TU B1828TU B1829TU B1830TU B1831TU B1832TU B1833TU B1834TU B1835TU B1836TU B1837TU B1838TU B1900 CTO B1901JP B1901TU B1902JP B1902TU B1903JP B1903TU B1904TU B1905TU B1906TU B1907TU B1908TU B1909TU B1910TU B1911TU B1912TU B1913TU B1914TU B1915TU B1916TU B1917TU B1918TU B1919TU B1920TU B1921TU B1922TU B1923TU B1924TU B1925TU B1926TU B1927TU B1928TU B1929T B1930TU B1931TU B1932TU B1933TU B1950 CTO B1950TU B1951TU B1952TU B1953TU B1954TU B1955TU B1956TU B1957TU B1958TU B1959TU B1960TU B1961TU B1962TU B1963TU B1964TU B1965TU B1966TU B1967TU B1968TU B1969TU B1970TU B1971TU B1972TU B1973TU B1974TU B1975TU B1976TU B1977TU B1978TU B1979TU B1980TU B1981TU B1982TU B1983TU B1984TU B1985TU B1986TU B1987TU B2000 CTO B2001AP B2002AP B2003AP B2004AP B2005AL B2005AP B2006AL B2007AL B2008AL B2009AP B2010AL B2011AP B2012AP B2013AP B2015AP B2017AL B2018AL B2019AP B2020AP B2021AL B2022AL B2023AL B2024AP B2025AP B2026AL B2027AP B2028AP B2029AP B2030AP B2031AP B2032AP B2033AL B2034AL B2035AP B2036AP B2037AP B2038AP B2039AP B2040AL B2800 CTO B2801TX B2802TX B2803TX B2804TX B2805TX B2806TX B2807TX B2808TX B2809TX B2810TX B2811TX B2812TX B2813TX B2814TX B2815TX B2816TX B2817TX B2818TX B2819TX B2820TX B2821TX B2822TX B2823TX B2824TX B2825TX B2826TX B2827TX B2828TX B2829TX B2830TX B2831TX B3300 B3800 CTO B3801AP B3802AP B3803AP B3804AP B3805AP B3806AP B3807AP B3808AP B3809AP B3810AP B3811AP B3812AP B3813AP B3814AP B3815AP B3816AP B3817AP B3818AP B3819AP B3820AP B3821AP B3822AP B3823AP B3824AP B3825AP B3826AP B3827AP B3828AP B3829AP

Compatible P/N

239427-001 239427-002 239427-003 239427-004 239704-001 24187 265602-001 285288-001 285546-001 287515-001 293428-001 293705-001 319860-001 319860-006 371790-001 371790-011 371790-081 371790-201 371790-291 371790-AA1 371790-AD1 371790-AR1 371790-BB1 380467-001 380467-003 380467-004 380467-005 3819985681619 383494-001 384019-001 384019-002 384019-003 384020-003 391172-001 394278-001 403810-001 403810-291 409843-001 412786-001 417220-001 418872-001 419107-001 431298-001 453199-001 457685-001 463552-001 463552-002 463552-003 463552-004 574487-001 592814-001 608425-002 608425-201 609339-001 613151-001 613152-001 677774-003 677774-004 693711-001 693717-001 696607-001 696607-002 696607-003 696694-001 744481-001 744481-002 744481-003 84019-001 A045R00DH AP091F13LF AX727AA#ABA DB0G DC359A DC359A#ABA DC395A DC395A#ABA DC395A#ABB DC948AV DC948AV#ABA DL606A DL606A#ABA ED494AA ED494AA#ABA ED494AA#ABB ED494AAR ED494AAR#ABB ED494ET#ABB ED494ET#ABB 65W ED494ET#ABU FF009AA FF009AAR H6Y82AA HP-0K065B13 HP-OK065B13 HP-OK065B133SELF HSTNN-IUB0F I71C IUB0F N18152 N193 PA-1450-32HJ PA-1650-01HC PA-1650-02HC PA-1650-02HN PA-1650-2HC PA-1650-32HT PA-1650-34HH PA-1650-34HV PA-1650-39HA PA1650-02C PA807AV PA807AV#ABA PA807AV#ABM PPP003SD PPP009H PPP009L PPP009L-E PPP009S PPP009X PW-AC003 VF685AA VF685AA#ABA