Wholesale - Ready Roll Packaging Paper Honeycomb Cushioning Wrap Perforated-Honeycomb Wrap Roll Packing Honeycomb for Packing & Moving void fill paper

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Width: 30CM (12 inches)
Length: 10M (3.3ft)
Box: 40 Rolls per Box, Wholesale from Three Boxes
Box Weight :15.9KG

Width: 30CM (12 inches)
Length: 40M (13ft)
Box: 12 Rolls per Box, Wholesale from Three Boxes
Box Weight :15KG

Width: 38CM (15 inches)
Length: 30M (125ft)
Box: 16 Rolls per Box, Wholesale from Three Boxes
Box Weight :15KG

🐝Recyclable Product:Different from traditional bubble cushioning wrap,you don’t need to worry about the problem of how to deal with the waste paper,it’s sustainable,environmentally friendly,biodegradable and recyclable,which wouldn’t polluted the environment.

🐝Widely Use - Wrap dishes, pictures, glassware,vases,cups, plates, silverware...pretty much everything. Moving or whether giving to good will everything stays intact and safe from knocking into each other and breaking.It would be this paper-sturdy and versatile ,fits around weird shaped pieces better than any foam sheets.

🐝Good Cushioning - This Honeycomb Wrap Roll Perfect for wrapping and protecting fragile items.You can be recycled this Honeycomb Wrap can also fill bags, shoes, etc.Perfect for first class shipping.Made of high-quality strong and shock-absorbent kraft paper,odorless,green eco-friendly,reusable and lightweight,surpassing traditional wrapping solutions,a great alternative to plastic sheets,ideal packaging paper for moving.

🐝Provide Great Protection - Helpers Lab Packaging Paper is perfect for shipping, moving, storing, and protecting all electrostatic sensitive devices and fragile/ delicate items such as phones, tablets, and computers, dishes, collectibles, glass. This packing wrap can be used for wrapping prevent scratches during moving/ shipping. Safe for protecting electronics and small appliances as well.

🐝Useful for Packing - Packaging Paper design in 12inch(30cm) height with Flexible size,you can set the length of the Honeycomb Wrap at will.Cut as much as you like and saving your shipping cost.This is a new choice for Green Packing.

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