Solar Connector to DC8mm Adapter Cable Perfectly Solar Connector Solar Generator Portable Power Station and Solar Panel

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Solar connector to DC7909 8mm adapter cable

compatible with all brands of solar panels with solar connectors,as well as a DC7909 8mm plug compatible with solar charging generators. It is suitable for the connection of photovoltaic cables and peripheral products for DC power.

Waterproof solar male and female cables

specially designed for harsh outdoor environments. Each solar connector is equipped with a waterproof rubber ring, which is weatherproof and ideal for outings.

6FT/1.8meters solar to DC extension cable

longer connection distance,It is convenient to connect to the solar panel and adjust the best position when charging.

Solar photovoltaic line

the main line is heavy-duty 16AWG copper wire, and the branch line is 14AWG copper wire, which is very durable.(Note: This cable is an output cable and can only be used for load charging. When the solar connector is connected to the solar panel socket connector, make sure that the solar cable will not be immersed in water)

This solar male and female connector to DC cable is designed to connect the male connector to the negative pole and the female connector to the positive pole. In some cases, if you find that the solar panel is not charging the generator, just try to switch the positive and negative solar connectors on the solar panel, change the polarity and start charging.