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Since around 2015, HP laptops have changed to smaller 4.5mm, rather than 7.4mm, connectors.

If you do not want to put your old 7.4mm power supplies in the trash, you can use them to pin the end of your old power supply and then plug it into your new laptop.

Keep in mind that some newer HP laptops require high output power (for example, 130W) and some old power supplies only have 45W or 90W.

The size of the plug says nothing about the power supply: Different laptops require different combinations. You can easily use a too-powerful AC adapter, but if you plug in an insufficiently powerful AC adapter to your laptop, you will receive a warning message, and the battery may not charge (or the laptop may be in sleep mode) on the main network).

Conclusion: This connector will change the size of the connector and allow you to operate your laptop, but your battery will only charge if your power adapter is as powerful as your laptop needs.


With the Power Charger converter Cable Adapter For HP Laptop


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  2. Turn your old HP 19.5V 2.31A/19.5V 3.33A/19.5V 4.62A/19.5V 6.15A power adapter to fit for NEW HP Laptop use.



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