19.5V 10.3A 200W Laptop Adapter Power Supply for HP ZBook 17 G5 HP OMEN 15 15t Laptop HP OMEN 17 17t Laptop TPN-CA03 TPN-DA10 ADP-200HB B W2F75AA

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  • How to determine whether this charger is suitable for your notebook?
    1.Your laptop charging interface is the same as shown in the picture
    2.Your notebook Volts is 19.5 V
    3.Your notebook power does not exceed 200Watts

    You can check with the Output Voltage and Output Current on the label of your original charger or the bottom/back of your laptop.

    The V stands for Volts and the A stands for Amps
    Watts = Amps x Volts

    Meet these 3 conditions, our car charger can charge your laptop


  • HP 835888-001 928429-002 A200A012L W2F75AA#ABB - / - HP Omen 15-CE000 15-CE002NG 15-CE503TX 15-CE518TX 15-DC0000 02NG 1. 5-DC0004NG 15-DC0006NG 15-DC0008NG 15-DC0010NG 15-DC0013NA 15-DC0015NG 15-DC0022NA 15-DC0024NL 15-DC0028NL 15-DC0029. NA 15-DC 0030NA 15-DC0200NG 15-DC0201NG 15-DC0250NZ 15-DC0301NG 15-DC0304NG 15-DC0307NG 15-DC0311NG 15-DC0313NG 15-DC0315NG 15-DC00. 400NG 15-DC0507NA 15-DC0508NA 15-DC0900NZ 15-DC1000 15-DC1000NS 15-DC1001NA 15-DC1001NF 15-DC1001NS 15-DC1003NF

  • 15-DC1005NA 15-DC1007NA 15-DC1010NL 15-DC1011NA 15-DC1013NS 15-DC1014NA 15-DC1023NA 15-DC1038NL 15-DC1044NA 15-DC1049NA - DC105. 0NA 15-DC1050NL 15-DC1053NF 15-DC1053NL 15-DC1057NL 15-DC1066NF 15-DC1073NF 15-DC1093NF 15-DC1101NG 15-DC1102NG DC1174. NG 15-DC1200NG 15-DC1201NG 15-DC1211NG 15-DC1300NG 15-DC1302NG 15-DC1304NG 15-DC1305NG 15-DC1306NG 15-DC1307NG 15-DC1311. NG 15-DC1504NA 15-DC1511NA 15-DC1516NA 15-DC1524NA 15-DC1740NG

  • 15-DC1902NG 15-DH000 15-DH0000NA 15-DH0002NL 15-DH0003NA 15-DH0007NA 15-DH0010NA 15-DH0011NG 15-DH0014NA 15-DH0015NF 15NF 5-DH00. 15NS 15-DH0016NF 15-DH0018NS 15-DH0020NG 15-DH0025NL 15-DH0028NL 15-DH0052NL 15-DH0058NL 15-DH0068NF 15-DH0075NF 5-DH02 01NG 15-DH0220NG 15-DH0401NG 15-DH1162NG 15-DH1266NG 15-EK000NG 15-EK0247NG 17-CB000 17-CB000 17-CB001NS 17-CB0-CB0-CB0-CB0-CB0-CB0-CB0-CB0-CB000000017-CB0017-CB00017-CB00B0002 NG 17-CB0003NA 17-CB0004NG 17-CB0004NS 17-CB0005NA

  • 17-CB0014NA 17-CB0024NL 17-CB0028NL 17-CB0029NL 17-CB0033NF 17-CB0035NF 17-CB0047NF 17-CB0140NG 17-CB0175NG 17-CB02G 00NG 1. 7-CB0310NG 17-CB0312NG 17-CB0582NA 17-CB0588NA 17-CB0904NG 17-CB0905NG

  • HP Pavilion 15-CX0000 15-CX0000 15-CX0005NG 15-CX0016NA 15-DK000 15-DK0010NG 15-DK0020NA 15-DK0025NS 15-DK0026NA 15-DK0028NS S 15-DK. 0031NA 15-DK0205NG 15-DK1003NS 15-DK1278NG 15-DK1378NG 15-DP000 15-DP000 15-DP000NG 15-DP001NA 15-DP003NA 15-DP00-DP003NA 15-DP00003NA 15-DP000003NA 15-DP0003NA 15-DP000003NA 15-0005N. G 15-DP0305NG 15-DP0306NG 15-EC0000 15-EC0016NL 17-CD000 17-CD0208NG 17-CD0226NG